Most children in the United States have low aerobic fitness

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The American Heart Association, an American institution of reference in the field of coronary health, indicates that 60% of children in the United States do not have a good cardiorespiratory physical condition.

Based on a published article, the American Heart Association stated that the health markers of most children are insufficient, that is, they show unhealthy levels. In the publication, they highlight the importance of having good levels of cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) for a longer life expectancy and protection against diseases such as diabetes and other heart diseases.

According to Geetha Raghuveer, chair of the writing committee, “The CRF is a unique measure that shows how strong the heart, lungs and blood circulation are in children,” she explains. She explains that the CRF provides very broad information about a child’s general health.

Since the 1980s, studies have shown that there is a downward trend in this indicator among children and youth, both in the United States and internationally. One of the problems associated with the decrease in CRF is increased sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity.

Electronic recreational and entertainment activities are associated with a sedentary lifestyle and have replaced outdoor activities, sports games for children and young people and other more physical games.

Raghuveer highlights the need to encourage children to move more and participate in regular physical activities, and to choose sports that interest them in order to become more actively involved and involved. “The habits they learn will directly benefit their health as they become adults,” he warns.

Early interventions during pediatric care

One of the ways to take care of CRF is, in addition to a healthy diet and physical activity, to perform CRF tests. As Raghuveer points out, there are several protocols and steps that can be taken during a routine annual medical visit. This test can be performed on equipment such as a treadmill, ergonomic bicycle, a PWC170 test, a six-minute walk test, etc.

Questionnaires are no longer as reliable and efficient. Ideally, physical examinations should be performed, either in a pediatric medical room or in adapted schools and sports centers that can offer this value.

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