The number of premature deaths is 15% lower among active people

El número de muertes prematuras es un 15% menor entre las personas activas
The study compares the number of premature deaths among those practicing physical activity and sedentary people around the world.
A study recently published in The Lancet Global Health has analyzed the impact of habits on the health of the population, especially physical activity.

The survey has analyzed data from 168 countries and found considerable differences by country.

According to the results of the study, carried out by researchers from the universities of Cambridge and Edinburgh, in the United Kingdom, life factors such as sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, consumption of alcohol and cigarettes can have negative consequences and cause death .

To understand the health risk of not being physically active, the researchers compared the health information of active people with people who were not physically active. With this data, they saw that the number of premature deaths in the most active group was 15% lower than in the other group, equivalent to 3.9 million lives. This value is even more pronounced in lower-income countries.

Researchers defend the importance of motivating society to adopt healthy habits that can prevent diseases, especially with the practice of physical activity.

El número de muertes prematuras es un 15% menor entre las personas activas

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