Obesity of the mother during pregnancy can affect the brain of the fetus

Obesidad de la madre durante el embarazo puede afectar al cerebro del feto
Study analyzes the association between being overweight during pregnancy and children’s cognitive development.
Maternal obesity may influence fetal brain development, according to the results of a study that analyzed data from 109 women between six and nine months of pregnancy.

In the study, the researchers examined nearly 200 groups of active nerve cells in the fetal brain and found associations between the high body mass index (BMI) of mothers and the two areas of the fetal brain: the prefrontal cortex and the anterior insula. Studies have linked changes in these regions to psychological disorders such as autism or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

“Our findings suggest that maternal obesity may play a role in fetal brain development, which could explain some of the cognitive and metabolic health problems seen in children born to mothers with a higher BMI,” said one from study authors Moriah Thomason.

Although it found this association, the study did not seek to establish the differences found in the result, which clearly would require more studies to delve into the subject.

Obesidad de la madre durante el embarazo puede afectar al cerebro del feto

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