Measure and reduce food waste

Medir y reducir el desperdicio de alimentos
FAO launches technical platform with data, forums, courses and successful cases of policies and actions aimed at reducing food waste and preventing losses.
Reduce food waste and decrease waste. This is the intention of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) with a platform that encourages global action.

The platform provides information on measures, reduction, policies, insurance and examples of model actions considered successful in reducing surplus food and reducing waste around the world.

The Director General of FAO, QU Dongyu has announced the creation of the platform, and has asked both private companies and public institutions to promote and develop innovation and technology actions and policies with this objective.

FAO creates the campaign at a sensitive time for food security, with supply and food systems affected by the pandemic exposed to vulnerabilities and needs to overcome similar crises.

Avoiding food scraps and leftovers is an important strategy to guarantee food for the entire population, especially the most vulnerable. In addition to reducing environmental impacts, contributing to sustainable development, avoiding spending on water and improving productivity.

Medir y reducir el desperdicio de alimentos

On the platform there are important documents, a compilation with data on leftovers and waste, discussion forums to reduce food loss, examples of successful initiatives, online courses, among others.

Professionals interested in expanding training in the field of nutrition can opt for the programs promoted by FUNIBER in the area, such as the Doctorate in Nutrition or the Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Food Biotechnology

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