How to improve health with eating habits

Recommendations to protect the body from disease require healthy habits that are maintained throughout life.

In search engines, in pharmacies and in conversations with friends, people around the world are looking for alternatives to strengthen immunity, take care of their health and prevent diseases during the pandemic.

But before depending on the news we read, without medical supervision or a trained professional, we must remember that simple habits such as eating well and practicing physical activity are already two important ways to take care of health.

It is a fact that there are no foods that can cure or treat diseases, but a healthy diet can prevent health problems. As the nutritionist Alessandra Luglio says, 80% of the appearance of chronic diseases is associated with lifestyle, that is, “how we live, what habits we have and our food choices,” she said.

Therefore, when faced with the news about the cure of a specific food, everyone should be careful, avoid spreading this news and consult the scientific and professional bases to verify the best way to carry out a medical treatment.

“The absence of citations from sources of scientific studies may be a sign that the information is false, alarmist or has been removed from some specific and distorted context,” emphasizes the nutritionist.

Also remember that, if we want to protect health, improve immunity, we must think about changing our habits. But as he says, a “change in eating habits requires perseverance and patience to be sustainable throughout life. No change in habits happens overnight and no restrictive diet is effective in the long term, ”he says.

FUNIBER promotes studies in the area of ​​Nutrition to train professionals capable of guiding the population towards medical care, for example, the International Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and the Master’s Degree in Vegetarian Nutrition and Dietetics.

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