Healthy diet influences more than weight to prevent type 2 diabetes

Dieta saludable influye más que el peso para prevenir la diabetes tipo 2
For people over 65, the quality of diet is more important than weight in preventing type 2 diabetes, according to a study that has analyzed the influence of diet, weight and the microbiota in the development of this disease.
A study, carried out with people over 65, indicates that the quality of the diet and the microbiota interfere more than obesity in the development of type 2 diabetes.

In the study, researchers in Spain sought to better understand the role of diet for type 2 diabetes. They also analyzed the importance of the microbiota that can interfere with health.

For the study of these two variables, people at high risk of developing the disease were chosen, in a pre-diabetic phase in which it is still possible to prevent it.

The results are considered important in providing more information on nutrient-restricted dietary guidelines for adults 65 years and older, especially considering that fat loss could lead to increased frailty and worse health.

Dieta saludable influye más que el peso para prevenir la diabetes tipo 2

In this case, with this group the amount of calories would not be the most important, but the quality of the nutrients consumed. In the study, the healthy diet tested was one with healthy fat, carbohydrates, and antioxidants. In the less healthy diet group, foods with simpler sugar, animal protein, saturated fat, and fewer antioxidants.

One of the researchers of the study, Ramón Gomis, has commented that the study managed to show that “the quality of the diet, and the intestinal microbiota linked to this healthy diet, is more important than obesity in the risk of developing diabetes type 2 ».

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Source: If the diet is healthy, the presence of obesity does not increase the risk of type 2 diabetes

Study: Healthy Dietary Pattern and Their Corresponding Gut Microbiota Profile Are Linked to a Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Independent of the Presence of Obesity

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